Back to the question – when will we have sports again?

It’s like the whole world stopped because of the COVID-19 pandemic and sports is not an exclusion. We live in a moment when we are being told to stay at home, but there are no sports events to watch on TV because there’s no sport currently being played.

When will the coronavirus pandemic end so that we can watch some soccer, basketball, tennis, and everything else again?

It’s believed that China is doing much better now, but in Europe, the pandemic is peaking. The number of infected people really hurts countries like Italy and Spain, while in the USA and Great Britain they expect things to get even worse in the next month or so. This is not giving us much optimism that the whole nightmare is going to be over soon.

The different nations are still trying to contain the spread of infection of the virus. In some countries, it’s just the supermarkets and the pharmacies that currently work. In great cities like Rome, Paris, and Madrid, the streets are empty, and it’s something we have never seen before. Meanwhile, in New York, they have a difficult time trying to contain the virus. At this moment, we can’t do anything else but hope that humanity will deal with this crisis before more and more people get sick and die.

Back to the question – when will we have sports again?

The honest answer is this – nobody really knows. At this moment, nobody could say when the COVID-19 crisis will be over. While the world leaders are doing their best to contain the infection, scientists and pharma companies are 24/7 trying to invent a cure or a vaccine for the virus. These things usually take some time, though, so right now it’s not clear what will happen in the next few months.

The most positive thing to say is that in the next few months, we could see some competitions being restarted, most likely – in front of empty stands. But here it’s a great moment to ask – what’s the point of sports being played if there are no fans to watch it? One of the biggest stars in the NBA LeBron James already said that he’s not going to play if there are no fans at the stands. It’s a fact that the world’s biggest competitions and leagues are currently losing a lot of money because of the pandemic, but it’s quite essential not to forget this – sports is for the fans. If there are no fans, it’s pretty much pointless for the athletes to go out and compete.