Combo bet – what’s this and how to do it

Combo bet – what’s this and how to do it

The combination “combo” bet is a betting tactic which a lot of bettors like to use all of the time. Its essence is the opportunity to bet on multiple events but doing it in a series of selections. This is the main difference between the combo bet and the accumulator – in the combo bet, you have more than one different selections, and even if one of them loses, the other ones are still in the game.

For example: let’s say this week you want to bet on six games from the English Premier League. If you make a parlay (an accumulator) and put all of the six matches in one selection, you’re going to lose the whole parlay if even one of these games turns to be a failure.

In this case – how the combo bet work? Instead of playing all six matches in one selection, you can divide them into three different selections, for example. In this case, you will have other selections still active even if one or two of them don’t succeed. Get it? This is the whole essence of the combo bet. You’re basically reducing the risk of a failure, although you won’t get the same high odds as to when you’re putting an accumulator.

Put in simple words, here you have to decide for yourself – do you want a more “safe” bet, choosing the combo or you want much higher odds with the parlay? We think it depends on the particular situation and games in question. If you believe that you have all the right picks, then stick up to the parlay. But if you think there are games which are too risky, well – maybe the combo bet is the right decision in this case.

This is our quick explanation of the combo bet. This is a good tactic which you can use in some specific moments. We wish you good luck.