Here we again with these us open tennis predictions!

Here we again with these us open tennis predictions! Today we will discuss what’s happening with one of the best players Novak Djokovic who is likely to miss the upcoming Grand Slam tournament in New York.

Just like Novak Djokovic was not allowed to play in Australia, he could also be missing the US Open. We all know the reason for this – the Serbian ace is not vaccinated for COVID-19. He also refuses to take the vaccine, which means he can’t enter the United States.

Now there’s a campaign of support for the Serbian star all around the internet. Thousands of people are begging US president Joe Biden to allow Djokovic to enter the country. The problem is America’s stringent rules about vaccination when it comes to visiting the country.

They put Novak Djokovic in a similar situation in Australia at the beginning of the year. He was deported from the country despite believing he was granted a medical exemption to play in the tournament. The country’s government decided differently, though.

Novak Djokovic already had to withdraw from the Masters’ tournament in Montreal because he was unable to enter Canada, too. Sadly, Djokovic can’t compete in these tournaments while he’s still at his peak and regularly winning solid tournaments. The 35 years old is convinced he won’t take the vaccine even if it means he can’t play in specific tournaments. Novak is losing not just money but some precious opportunities in chasing the GOAT status – he’s now just one Grand Slam title behind Rafael Nadal.

In our us open tennis predictions, we can conclude that we don’t expect to see Novak Djokovic playing at the US Open this month. It’d be astonishing to see the United States making an exception for him and revoking their COVID-19 policy. Most likely, it’s not going to happen.