The Full Time Result – the most common way to bet on football games

There are countless ways to bet on a football game, but betting on the fulltime result is maybe the most common one. It’s really, really simple – all you must do is just guess the final outcome of the game in question – a win for the home team, a draw or a win for the visiting team. Simple, right?

There are three possible outcomes of the game, so your chance of winning here is 33.3%. Of course, some games are easier than others, but that’s why the odds would be different as well. For example – you’d have small odds if you bet that Liverpool will beat Watford, but much higher odds if you think that Watford will get the draw.

If you choose to play with small odds, usually betting on the favourites in the game, then you’d have to prepare a bigger stake in order to balance things. It doesn’t make sense to bet one dollar with 1.25 odds, because you won’t win much. But if you bet $100 with the same odds, well – you have a $25 profit.

There’s one thing which is pretty important to remember when it comes to the Full Time Result prediction. You should never let yourself being mislaid by the odds. Just because there are small odds for a certain team to win, it doesn’t mean that it’s one hundred percent going to happen. Football is full of surprises and every week we see see them in every league. Especially when you put a lot of money on the stake, you must have a lot of logic included for your bet. Don’t just look the odds, research the game in question and see what’s actually happening with the two teams.

This was our quick explanation of the Full Time Result bet in football. Or soccer, how you’d call it in the USA. This is the most common way to bet, but there are always some specifics you must have in mind.

Good luck!